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FAQ on Business Vinyl Decals.

Our vinyl rear screen decals are unique so it is understandable that customers have questions about the product and how to use it.

Here are some of my frequently asked questions about the rear screen decals that should help you in your decision and purchase of a self apply advert for your business.

Do you install the decals or do I?

With many small business, start ups and hobby businesses looking for ways to keep operating costs down I have chosen not to install the decal s for you. Instead I have a affordable, high quality product you can easily install yourself.  I provide you with all the instructions and tips on applying yourself. You will find it easier than you think then give yourself a pat on the back for your efforts.

How do I know if my logo is suitable for a decal?

Most simple logos without colours that mix into one another or to much fine detail are perfect to turn into a vinyl decal.  If you are unsure before you purchase online just send your logo to our email. and I will get back to you ASAP.

What file type do I need my logo in?

Send me your logo in a Vector file. EPS, SVG or AI file so I can see if it is suitable for a decal.

Can you see through the decals?

Our decals are made from a solid material and are not "see through" how ever I design and make the decals to ensure lots of open space is free on your window and you have full visability.

Can I wash my car with the decal on?

Our decals are made from high quality long lasting vinyl that will stay on your car for at least three years, even if you wash it. Things to keep in mind are not to scrub to harshly, don't use high pressure cleaners. The decals will withstand a car wash also. 

Can I use the wiper, defroster and what about my window tint?

Your decal sticker will not interfere with any of these parts of your vehicle. In fact the vinyl I use is designed specifically to put adhere and protect your car.

Can you move the decals from one place to another?

Our decals are for a one off use. Once you apply them they are permanent until you want to remove them.  I feel this is a better alternative to magnets and moveable stickers as any passer by could easily move or remove your signage.

I am selling my car, how do I remove my decal sticker?

When you are ready to remove your decal sticker you can either use a hot hairdryer and heat up the vinyl then peel off. Or if the decal is on a window surface a small bit of acetone will soften and remove the sticker and residue.

 As you can see it is easy to order, apply and remove your own signage.