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Signage…get seen and stand out!

A local Window Tinting Company in Perth WA Called Tint Perth have kindly written this blog about how effective their car decals have been since applying to there own vehicle last year.  Take a read .......... you can find this local business at

Signage is one of the best advertising avenues in business to be seen and to stand out from the rest! I have benefited greatly from having signage applied to my car and It feels good to know that everywhere I go I am advertising my business. Just by driving around Perth city and working in different suburbs my name will be seen by many people which over time accumulates a lot of interest and recognition towards Tint Perth. 

I have had my car parked in certain places and have been contacted directly by people who have seen the signage on my car and booked window tinting in to be done. 

Basically everywhere you go with your car if it has signage on you are advertising your business for free! The initial cost of organizing your signage far out ways the benefits that you will continue to reap over time. 

Signage is used extensively and in every which way all over the world. It is how you find places or services you are looking for, it’s about showing the world who you are, what you are about and what you are offering. 

Getting the right logo, one that encompasses everything about you, your business or what your product is about is a pivotal step when you are wanting to be seen, known and remembered for what you do now and far into the future.

Certain fonts, colours and slogans can create and implant imagery and meaning in peoples minds on a conscious or subconscious level which has the potential to be there forever. 

I know i have jingles or images that will pop up in my memory from time to time, out of the blue for no apparent reason and they will probably be there forever. This happens because advertising is the perfect avenue for creating connections with people. Take big companies like Mcdonalds, Coca cola or Kmart for example. Their logos stand out, you know exactly where to find them and even your limbic system which is situated in your brain will be triggered by seeing imagery of these companies, flooding your body with your own unique set of emotions, memories and feelings, even taste in response to this stimuli, it really is that powerful!

When I was creating my Tint Perth logo I wanted to instil feelings in people of assurance, integrity, capability, professionalism, care, reliability and results. These are all qualities and attributes that I feel ring true about my business which over time I feel Tint Perth is chosen for above other companies, just like I know other window tinting companies are chosen for the way they present themselves to the public over myself. 

For my logo I wanted a simple design, with simple quite neutral colours so when people see the colour combination of black, aqua blue and white, Tint Perth may come to mind. 

Because my car was black I knew I had the perfect background for my car signage and instead of going with a wrap option I chose a local company called Easy Decals to organise my car signage for me. Jo is very approachable and goes above and beyond in helping you get the right decal for you. She also offers lot’s of amazing advice so that you can apply the signage yourself if you want to, which is what I did. The overall price for my car signage was so affordable that it really does feel that I am advertising my business for free everywhere I go. The next thing you will need is business cards as you might get asked for a card wherever you go! Don’t underestimate the power that signage has to get seen and stand out in this world! Bring your vision to life and move your business forward in the right direction with signage!