The Rise Of The QR Code

Ever since the global pandemic in 2020 QR codes have be in demand due to contactless transactions.  The need for a seem less way to communicate information using our mobile phones has proven to be an effective tool in our personal and business lives.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code or (Quick Response Code) is a type of two dimensional barcode. To decode this you can use a QR scanner or your smartphone camera. Unlike a barcode that contains less information. 

What do we use them for?

A QR code can be used in your personal life to "check in" to places so that they can store your information. As a business the tables are turned and you can use a QR code to your own advantage.  Pop a QR code on your shop front, shop counter or your business vehicle. Send customers straight to your website, competition or subscriber list.  

What are the benefits of QR codes?

QR codes never expire, as long as the link to the code does not expire.  QR codes also reduce printing costs.  Connect your offline business with your online business. Use your QR code to create a quick "call to action" for your customers.   Customers love the ease and speed of using QR codes and we are all familiar with them since we have to use them in our everyday lives. Create discounts or promotions, giveaways or collect customer feedback. 

90% of Australians use mobile phones. To have a quick easy way for the them to access information about your business is invaluable. Think about how many QR codes you see or use every day. Are you using them to help your small business?

 QR code Decal