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Tips on applying and washing personalised name labels.

When it comes to Back to School every parents worry is that the hard earn't money spent on all of the items needed for back to school...go missing shortly after the first term begins. 

I have found applying vinyl waterproof labels to all kinds of items certainly helps with all the mix ups or lost property.  Here I have included some tips on applying a vinyl name label then ways of washing, drying and storing.

How To Apply.

When it come to applying your label I find it is a good idea to have a sample pack as well to test on varied surfaces before actually using your personalised label first. Some surfaces take longer for a vinyl sticker to adhere and some well....wont.  Most smooth dry surfaces you can adhere a name label on. I found that silicone water bottles however do not like a sticky label attached to it. You can find the sample pack here if you wish to try first

Your vinyl label will be between a backing paper (blue) and a top layer ( adhesive tape). Clean your product with water and dry thoroughly before attempting to adhere your label.  Once you are ready place your label down on a table or flat surface and use a credit card to smooth over the label before applying.  Firstly peel the top layer away from the bottom ( blue) layer your wording should stick to the top application tape not the bottom.  Once you have your label in hand gently place on the water bottle or container, smooth over again with your hand or credit card the slowly peel the top application tape away leaving just the wording lettering.  Then you are done, with care your labels should last at least a year on your product.

How to Wash

Our vinyl labels are waterproof so you can hand wash them in soapy hot water. I do not recommend placing any personalised decal product in the dishwasher as the intense heat will rub your label away. Dry with a tea towel or leave to dry. Once dry place your water bottle or lunch box with label in the cupboard where it wont be scratched by other containers near or on top of it. 

So with a few simple steps and care your vinyl labels will last the whole school year plus you won't have to keep buying new bottles and lunchboxes when they accidentally go astray.