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Top Tips on Keeping Your Vehicle Decals Longer.

Having vinyl decals on your vehicle is certainly a great way to advertise your business affordably yourself you also want to make sure they last for many years.

So how long should you expect your vinyl decal to last outdoors in our harsh climate? The vinyl I use is a three to five year outdoor last, if you want to get more out of your vinyl decals follow these tips. 

Keep it clean! Make sure you keep your vehicle clean so dirt does not make it's way under the vinyl. If dirt gets under the vinyl it may peel and wont stick back to the surface. Avoid pressure cleaning your car decals, best to hand wash or to use a laser car wash near by that ensures not to much pressure is applied to the vinyl.   Better still get the kids in on the action I am sure they need a bit of pocket money after the long holidays. 

Vinyl decals can be changed as your business changes.  Did you change your business name,phone number or website? That's o.k as you can easily remove then replace just that aspect of your rear screen decal instead of replacing the whole decal.

So how do you remove your vinyl if you change an aspect of your business?  I find if I am just using decals on my rear window I use acetone with a cloth to rub over the vinyl to soften it. Don't use acetone however on paint work. 

You can also use a hairdryer to soften and peel the vinyl away........even a really hot day will make it easier for you to remove them with a scraper or just peeling from the edge.  

I hope this helps with your Business Car Decals and makes them last at least five years on your car.