Self Apply Vinyl Decals for Business and Home. Turnaround time is one week. Custom orders take two weeks .

Q & A

Frequently Asked questions.

What are our decals and lettering made of?

We use a high quality adhesive vinyl made that resists the elements and harsh UV rays. The vinyl we use in all our products is waterproof. If you are using your product as a label then follow the washing instructions that come with your product. 

How do I order?

All our decal products are online featured in either a home or business collection.  Instructions are on each product page. We do understand it can be difficult sometime to order online so please message us via the message tab in the lower right hand side of the side and we will help.

Where do you ship to? How much is shipping?

We can ship world wide. All of the shipping is calculated at the checkout. We strongly recommend registering your order so it can be tracked via Australia Post.

How do I install the decal myself?

We provide you with all the information to easily apply your order. We also have video instructions on our instagram page.

How does my order arrive?

Our decals come in padded or hard envelope. 

How long does my order take?

All products ordered from the website take at least one week turnaround then we send. 

How Durable are the vinyl decals and labels?

All our vinyl decals and labels are made from high quality long lasting vinyl. They should last outdoors for up to four years and on your home products for two to three years.