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FAQ For Rear Screen Decals

Can my logo be turned into a decal?

Not all logo's can be turned to a vinyl decal. Simple logos with colours that dont mix work best for cut vinyl. If you are unsure email to ask. 

How do I install the decal myself? 
I have created a video on the website and provide paper instruction as well. 

Can you see through the decal to be able to drive?
Yes, even though the vinyl itself is not see can still have clear vision out your rear window as the images and lettering are spaced out with lots of gaps. In fact you hardly notice it from the inside.

Can I wash my window with it on?
Yes, the vinyl will withstand the heat and water without peeling for approx three years.

Can I use my defroster with it on?
Yes, this wont effect the vinyl or the defroster either.

Can I still use my wiper?
Yes, the wiper wont effect the decal at all.

But my rear window is tinted? Is that ok?
Yes, the tint is on the inside and the decal is applied to the outside so it wont effect the tint.

Will it come off when I don't need it?
Yes, you can peel the decal away when you don't need it. You can also use acetone ( only on the window) to soften the vinyl before you peel it away.