Five offline marketing strategies that work.

Online marketing gets a lot of attention these days, but it’s important not to discount the power of traditional offline marketing methods. Instead of having two disjointed marketing campaigns – one for traditional and one for digital – brands are integrating both digital and offline marketing campains.  Here are some ideas for traditional offline marketing techniques that work.

1. Free Giveaway Items

 Want to gain customer loyalty? Giveaway items are great at events, but they’re so common because they work. It’s almost impossible to measure direct ROI on these giveaway items, so see them more as a way to get your brand out there. Anything with your brand on will land directly in the lap of potential customers. products such as fridge magnets, notebooks or a free sample of your product can all boost your business and make you seen!

2.Custom Signs and Banners

You should spend just as much time trying to be visible offline as you do on the Internet. Custom signs and banners for your physical business location are eye-catching ways to remind customers you’re there and to entice them to come and check out what’s new. I have an acrylic sign with my logo on at the front of my house...this lets people know where to come to collect there order and also doubles as a marketing tool. 

3. Markets and Shows.

Being visible on a personal level can take your business to customer relationship to a high level faster than other non-personal methods. Attending markets gives you the opportunity to meet and network with potential customers or clients. Setting up a stall at a market show connects you with a fresh group of consumers who are interested in your products and services. Use these events as opportunities to hand out business cards, brochures and flyers printed with your company information.

4.Hosting Special Events.

Concider hosting a special event at a function place or at your place of business. Not only will the pampering you provide to these customers see your company in a favorable light, but they carry a degree of online influence that can give you a boost in your online visibility as well.

5.Print Marketing.

“Old-fashioned” print marketing such as flyers and posters are effective ways to reach your target market. Using car decals to show case your brand every time you jump in the car.  Giving customers a physical reminder of your business links your online presence to the real world. Be sure to include both online and offline contact information so customers can get in touch with you in the way that’s most convenient for them.

 Having a balancing online marketing with tried and true offline techniques keeps your business visible to local audiences and helps establish credibility. Work these and other “old-school” methods into your advertising strategy to grow your customer base and stay ahead of the competition.