Self Apply Vinyl Decals for Business and Home. Turnaround time is one week. Custom orders take two weeks .



 Application of your vinyl sticker/decal is very easy, just follow the instructions below and you'll have the job done in no time. 

Just a few things to remember before starting:  *  If you're applying a large sticker onto an outdoor window, car windscreen or any outdoor surface,  avoid doing so on a windy day. It's easy to damage the sticker by getting it stuck accidentally to unwanted surfaces, also particles of dust will stick to it very quickly. * When applying medium to large sized stickers, you may spray a bit of soapy water before application. It will help adjust the position in case you don't get it right the first time by sliding it into the correct spot, then squeegee the water out and leave for a few hours to dry. *  Large stickers can be cut into smaller pieces to make application easier. Just make sure they are aligned properly before applying to your desired surface. *  If you have received your sticker in a mailing tube or folded in an envelope, remove and lay flat on a table with a heavy book or two on top. Do this at least an hour before application. This is to avoid the sticker curling back on itself during application.  

* Make sure you have cleaned the surface thoroughly with soapy water is best if you use windex it may make the surface to slippery and your decal wont stick.. Measure and mark your "target" spot BEFORE starting.  *  The things that you're going to need for application are: masking tape, squeegee or any plastic ID card (credit card, license...), soapy water and a dry cloth.


  1. When you receive your sticker, it will be sandwiched between a backing sheet and application tape. DO NOT remove any of the layers yet.  
  2. Position your sticker in place using the masking tape in all four corners.
  3. For best results place the masking tape down the middle of the entire decal as a “hinge” so you can apply one side then the next (half at a time). This is best for large decals but can also be used for smaller decals.
  4. Peel back the application tape gently (clear part), making sure the sticker is stuck on it. Discard the backing sheet (blue part).
  5. Hold the sticker from the free end and pull tightly close to the surface but don't let it touch the surface yet.  
  6. With the squeegee in the other hand, start applying some pressure on the sticker towards the inside, in an up and down movement until you reach the end. Remember to keep an eye on the alignment of your sticker. You might want to “find a friend” for large decals so you have more hands free.
  7. You can now repeat the process on the other side, remove the middle application tape and repeat.
  8. Run the squeegee along your sticker a few more times with more pressure to achieve strong adhesion.
  9. Peel back the application tape gently, making sure not to peel the sticker off with it.
  10. If any air bubbles appear, you can pierce the edge with a needle and force the air out with your finger and that's it , you're all done.    
  11. PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason you need to replace parts of your decal due to incorrect application. Easy Decals reserves the right to charge a small fee for each part that need to be replaced.