One week turnaround for website orders. Custom order two week turnaround time.

How to order your rear screen decal online.

Firstly take a look at your rear screen. Take a measuring tape with you.

Work out how big you need your logo to be so that it stands out on the rear of your car.  Also so that it leaves room for the wording. Write that measuremnt down. EG 40 cm x 40 cm.

Then have a look at what space you have left over on your rear screen. Use your measuring tape to map out some of the sizes that we provide.  Bearing in mind you have a 40 cm logo to go on one part of the screen which wording size will fit best? 40 cm x 20 cm? 50 cm x 20cm.  You could even use some masking tape to map out the sizes on your screen so you can have a look at potential sizes.

Decide if you need 5 cm Facebook and Instagram logos or 10 cm. Again use masking tape to map it out.

Once you have all three sizes written down. Go back to the order. You then need to decide.

1. What three lines of wording to add. Type them in the box exactly the order in wish you would like to see it. This includes placement of lines and centering.

2. Choose your colour. This colour will be for the entire decal.

3. Choose your font. If you would like a preview of your font before we cut it please add NOTES TO SELLER and we will email you a preview.

4. Choose your logo size

5. Choose the wording size

6. Choose the social media size.

7. If you require more than one of those sizes change the qty. If not leave as one.

Upload your logo. Please email first if you are unsure if your logo can be turned into a decal or if you have the correct file type.

Files that work best are AI. EPS or SVG. If you have had your logo designed by a graphic designer then they should provide you with all the correct file types.

We can not be responsible for quality of your logo if not sent in the correct format.

Go to any of the rear screen decal products and order through there. 


If you would prefer to order your decal with our order form. I can help you with lay out  and design also help with working out the size.