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How to remove your vinyl decal.

When it come time to remove your decal from you glass window follow the below instructions.

The first point of call is to peel the vinyl off. Use a Razor Blade or if you can simply peel the sides of the vinyl do so and remove that way.

If your vinyl is a little more stuck use some solvent based household products like nail polish remover or acetone. Make sure you do not get the acetone in contact with anything other than the window and your sponge or paper towel.  You can also try products such as orange peel citrus based cleaner.  

You can also heat up the vinyl and let if soften that way then peel off in parts.  Your decal will come off in small and large parts and leave residue so using a residue remover is recommended. 

This process will take time so keep this in mind when planning to remove. 

Easy Decals can is in no way responsible for the removal of your decal.