Q & A Rear Screen Decals

Common questions about our Rear Screen Decals.

We often receive simular questions about our decals so I thought I would put together a few and answer them all in one easy place.

What are the decals made of?

Our decals are made of a high performance outdoor vinyl.  You can expect it to last outdoor for up to 3 years.

If I have a decal on the rear screen of my car can I still use the windscreen wiper?

Yes you can. You can still use the wiper as usual it wont effect the decal. 

What about the tint? Or the lines that heat up the rear window?

These are also fine. They wont be effected or effect the decal in any way.

Can I see out of my window?

Yes, although these decal for rear screens are not "see through" they are a solid vinyl, you will still be able to see out just fine.

Can I remove the decal?

Yes, once you no longer need the decal on the car you can remove it. To remove you can use a hair dryer ( if it has been on for a long time) to heat up the vinyl. Then peel the edges away to remove. You can use acetone (only on the rear screen) to remove any sticky residue.

Can I use the decal again?

No, once removed it will be scrunched up vinyl so you will just throw it away.

What do I need to do to order a decal?

You need to look at your windscreen and determine what size each part of your decal should consist of. Take a tape measure to the windscreen and see what each size we offer online looks on the window. Then you can order that particular size. I have a how to order tab on the website under the rear screen decals to help with ordering. 

How does my decal arrive?

If you have ordered off the website our decals come in three parts. The logo, the three lines of wording and the facebook and instagram symbols.  This will be in a rolled tube or a flat envelope.

How long does it take to make my decal?

Usually 1 week to make then send from time of payment. I will let you know if it will take longer.

How do I apply my decal?

The decals ordered from the website come in three parts so they are easily applied by yourself.  We send written instructions and if requested a video to your email.